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Personal projects

Mountain landscapes (Tarna area, Sweden, 2013)

The last call for Mr. Ozols (short fiction, 2012, 21′)
Script writer: Jānis Balodis
Director: Ingus Drulle
Cinematographer: Oskars Briedis

Coffee diary (Portugal, 2012)

People tend to describe their daily events and experiences in a diary. When I was living in Portugal drinking coffee was an integral part of my day. While enjoying it I was thinking about my day. Sometimes it was the morning coffee and remembering the previous day, sometimes it was the evening coffee and thinking about the day that has just passed. Each photograph reflects the idea of a diary.

Illustration for poem E. Veidenbaums “Dūrei tik spēks” (Portugal, 2011)

Abandoned doors (Tomar, Portugal, 2011)

Blow in the ass! (short documentary, 2010, 24′)
Director: Gundars Jakobsons
Cinematographer: Oskars Briedis

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